Creation to Incarnation

The story of God stretches throughout the Bible along four themes: creation, sin, redemption and transformation.

Being time-bound creatures, we tend to see the story of creation as unfolding linearly, beginning “in the beginning” and moving towards the end times. But the bible itself is not laid out linearly as it revisits the great themes of creation, history and wisdom over and over again, suggesting that creation is ongoing, dynamic and unfolding even now.
We also may find ourselves looking at creation only as the creation of “stuff.” In fact, implicit in the creation stories is the revealing of natural laws like physics, and the codification of God’s laws into guidance for humanity. God continues to create the framework which, if we stay within it, leads to a life of harmony with God. From the Mosaic laws to the grace of Jesus Christ, God is continually creating our inner lives as well as our outer lives.
This 15 week study looks throughout the Bible at the variety of ways God is continuing to create, and the variety of ways we both accept and resist this guidance. Click on the links in the sidebar to access each individual study.